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Hearing is one of the important sense organ out of the five senses. Once Hellen Keller was asked what would you prefer to be if you have the choice to live the life of a Blind or a Deaf? Hellen Keller Replied politely I would prefer to be a blind, because ”blindness separates people from things, but deafness separates people from people.”

We live in the noisy world. Many of us work in the noisy places. Few of us have noisy hobbies such as hunting, or perhaps we do a lot of working with the power tools. Often, we do not recognize the damage that some of these noises can do to our hearing.

Did you know that extreme noise exposure is one of the most common causes of the hearing loss? And, there are also different other forms of the hearing loss. Noise pollution can be prevented by taking few simple precautions.

How Loud is Too Loud?

The speed of hearing damage is based on the intensity (loudness) level of the sound, how long you have exposed to the sound & how frequently exposure occurs.

How do I know if I have done damage to my ears?

If sounds seem stifled, or you notice the ringing in your ears after noise disclosure, this is a symbol that your ears have exposed to the sound that is too loud. You can be experiencing the short threshold shift of your hearing. With reiterated exposure to loud sounds, this can become the permanent hearing loss.

What can I do to protect my hearing?

Use the hearing protection when revealed to loud noise. Earplugs are simple to use & inexpensive. They can be purchase at almost any drugstore. It is a little amount to pay for the lifetime of better hearing.

Custom-made hearing protective devices may also be procured through a certified Audiologist. If you are musician or you attend various concerts, musician’s earplugs are possible. Special earplugs can be made for the hunters, motorcycle enthusiasts or for daily usage. It is a must for persons working in industrial setups. Also, remember to turn down the volume on televisions, radios, & personal stereos.