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Welcome To Cura
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Welcome To Cura
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About Us

Welcome to Audizone Hearing Care

We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals having experience of more than 10 years in this industry . Our motto is to be the moderator in the journey of your hearing and to make you able to hear the music of life again …

Currently we have our branches spread across the country where dedicated and determined professionals are giving their best to make your hearing journey smoother.

We will be happy to help you in getting the smile back on your face.

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What We do

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Hearing is one of the important sense organ out of the five senses. Once Hellen Keller was asked what would you prefer to be ...


Hearing Aid in simple terms is an amplifying device. Hearing aids are the trusted companions for the deaf. Perhaps you have thought...


If there is no residual hearing left or total deafness is there, a cochlear implant can help you to get back a sense of sound.


The Department of Speech Therapy at AUDIZONE , is a center of excellence in the study & treatment of speech and language problems.


We are fully equipped with all the diagnostic tests like , Pure tone audiometry, Impedance Audiometry, BERA, ASSA,OAE etc.


Are you suffering from a continuous ringing or buzzing sound in your ears, if yes, then probably you are suffering from tinnitus.


Why Choose Us

AUDIZONE consists of the expert doctors in their specialized area and are well experienced. Each year, AUDIZONE doctors diagnose & treat various people for various kinds of hearing abnormalities.

AUDIZONE hearing experts continuously work with doctors trained in brain & nervous system tumor treatment (neuro-oncologists),

Type of Hearing Aids

Are you looking for a hearing aid? The level of hearing loss, cosmetic concerns and lifestyle preferences all play a role in determining the best type and design for you. Hearing aids come with a wide range of features and forms to accommodate various types of hearing loss problems. It can be difficult to choose and comprehend which hearing aid is best for you. When choosing the proper style for your purpose, you must take into account a number of factors.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

➦ Sit behind the outer earand comes in mini, standard and bigger size.
➦ Fitting range : 30-120 dB
➦ Requires larger battery (size 675, size 13,size 312)which provides longer battery life, rechargeable are option also available.
➦ nnovation includes Bluetooth streaming, artificial intelligence, tinnitus masking features,advanced directionality.
➦ Easy to hold, clean and adjust.

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

➦ Smaller and more hidden than a BTE.
➦ Best for mild to severe high frequency hearing loss (Fitting range upto105 dB).
➦Requires size 312batteries, rechargeable options arealso available.
➦ Comes with latest technology like Adaptive directionality of microphone, feedback shield, binaural processing & synchronization.
➦ Easy to handle.

In-The-Canal (ITC)

➦ Relatively more visible compared to CIC aids.
➦ 615Works for mild to severe high frequency hearing loss.
➦ Requires size 312 batteries.
➦ Innovation includes Bluetooth streaming, artificial intelligence, tinnitus masking features,advanced directionality.
➦ Easy to handle amongst other canal hearing aids.

Completely-In-Canal (CIC)

➦ Designed to fit comfortably inside the ears and are almost invisible.
➦ Best for mild to moderately severe hearing loss (Fitting range upto 90 dB).
➦ Uses small batteries (size 10), require more frequent changing. Rechargeable options are also available.
➦ Provides more natural hearing experience.
➦ Handling needs care.

Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC)

➦ Smallest type of hearing aid available and is invisible in the ear.
➦ Works for mild to moderately severe hearing loss (fitting range upto 70 dB).
➦ Uses small batteries (size 10), require more frequent changing.
➦ Less likely to pick up wind noise.
➦ Needs most care to handle and clean.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

➦ No hassles of disposable batteries
➦ Available mostly in Receiver in canal (RIC) and Behind the ear (BTE) aids.
➦ Hearing aids comes with latest technology like Adaptive directionality of microphone, feedback shield, Binaural processing & synchronization.
➦ Long-lasting charge enables all-day hearing

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We provice the best and latest services to your hearing problems.

    Great Words about Audizone

    Why Do People Love Us?

    I was feeling very depressed because everyone was avoiding talking with me for my hearing problem. One day my neighbor suggested me to go to Audizone hearing clinic situated in saheed nagar. After his suggestion I went there and purchased a pair of hearing devices .Now I am really happy and feeling very positive. My friends and relatives are surprised and delighted to see me back in track and conversing with them like before.Thank you Audizone.
    Saheed nagar, Bhubaneswar
    Our son has developed a hearing loss since his birth, after searching in internet we came to know about Audizone clinic in baramunda.we went there as it is very close to our society and they suggested to use power hearing aids for both ears. First we were hesitant to accept this, but gradually they made us understand everything in details and we were ready to go for it along with speech therapy sessions. Now my son is in class one and he's able to communicate with everyone .Thank you audizone for bringing back the smile in our face.
    Jayant Agarwal
    I was suffering from hearing loss due to my old age, my son took me to Audizone clinic in sakchi and bought me a pair of hearing aids. It was working well so far. Recently I got it serviced after 4years and its working like a new hearing aid now.The staff are very courteous.
    Mr. R.R Mukherjee,
    My aunt had developed a hearing loss , with a reference of one of my friend I went to audizone clinic and they suggested me an invisible device as my aunt is a working lady and she didn't want the hearing aid to be visible to other people. After using the hearing aids she is very happy and can perform every bit of her office work actively.
    Ms. Samprati Mohanty,

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    Frequently Asked Questiones

    A small microphone is built into a hearing aid, and this tiny gadget picks up ambient sound and transforms it to electrical energy. An electrical signal is sent to a miniature speaker called a receiver by modifying and altering circuits in the amplifier. The sound is sent to the ear by this little structure. The majority of modern hearing aid technology enhances required frequencies and reduces noise for a different type of hearing loss.

    IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE, BTE, and RIC are the most common hearing aid types and styles. All of them are available in both wired and wireless configurations. Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are also available now.
    The audiologist examines your degree of hearing loss when selecting which instrument is ideal for you. This decision is also influenced by one’s lifestyle and personal preferences. Consult a hearing specialist to determine which type of hearing aid is best for you.
    The cost of hearing aids is mostly determined by the type of device used, as well as any additional features and professional services that may be required. The price range varies from person to person and their preferences because everyone’s hearing impairment is different.
    The answer is YES if you suffer hearing loss in both ears. According to research, having two hearing aids allows for better conversations and greater sound understanding. The study found that people who used two hearing aids had significantly better sound quality and clarity, as well as higher speech discrimination test scores, than those who wore hearing aids in only one ear.
    Hearing aids usually last for 5-6 years. We say this because of enormous technological breakthroughs. Hearing aids can last a long time if they are cared for properly and are still suited for your lifestyle.

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